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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 oCAbstractDescriptorReaderAbstract class to be notified when a descriptor becomes ready for read operations
 oCAbstractThreadAbstract for thread implementation
 oCBufferVery simple buffer with control on overflow
 oCDescriptorsMonitorClass to watch a set of descriptors and notify related classes
 |\CmonitoredDescriptorAssociation between a reader and a monitored descriptor
 oCDgramSocketClientDescriptorClass for a connection-less client
 oCDgramSocketServerDescriptorSocket descriptor for connection-less communications
 oCFifoDescriptorAbstraction of a fifo (AKA "named pipe") descriptor
 oCFileDescriptorAbstraction of a file descriptor
 oCLoggerSimple logger to log messages on file and console
 oCPipePosix pipe
 oCPosixConditionImplementation of a condition variable
 oCPosixDescriptorAbstraction of a POSIX descriptor
 |oCjobSingle asynchronous operation
 |oCshared_queueClass for synchronization between the main thread and the worker thread
 |\CWorkerWorker thread to perform asynchronous operations
 oCPosixMutexImplementation of a mutex class
 oCMutexLockerClass to simplify locking and unlocking of PosixMutex
 oCPthreadMutexLockerClass to simplify locking and unlocking of pthread mutex
 oCPosixPrioritySharedQueueThread-safe FIFO priority queue class
 oCPosixSharedQueueImplementation of a thread safe FIFO queue class
 oCProcessClass for launching a new process
 oCSimpleThreadClass for simple thread invocation
 oCStreamSocketClientDescriptorClass for a connection-oriented client
 oCStreamSocketServerSocket server for connection-oriented communications
 oCStreamSocketServerDescriptorSocket descriptor for connection-oriented communications
 \CTimeClass to contain a time